Lake residents turn to herbicide

When nine full-time workers can't successfully rid a small lake of invasive weeds, residents resort to large-scale herbicide treatment. Photo by Trent Campbell

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Maple For

Vermont’s iconic maple industry represents $300 million of the state’s annual economy. What will happen when pests and unpredictable warming cycles make sugaring a risky gig? Independent photo/Dylan Thomas

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“Three hundred feet above the ground, Burlington’s legendary climber Peter Kamitses presses his fingertips into a crack on a sheer cliff face. The toe of his black climbing shoe taps the cliff in a wide arc, searching for a nub to support him as he pushes upwards. No luck.” [Continue reading here.]

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Early settlers planted thousands of apples trees in the hills and valleys of Vermont. Today, their lost fruit is fueling a nation-wide cider revolution. Photo by Michael Tallman

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Swimmers rally around a coach who, after a battle with cancer, leads the best junior swim team in the state. Photo by Connor Koehler

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Vermont’s swollen spring rivers have given birth to some the world’s best whitewater kayakers. Here’s why. Photo courtesy of Elaine Campbell

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‘Sad but strong’

Female members of Middlebury’s community react to the 2016 presidential election. Photo by Trent Campbell

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As the director of Eckerd College’s new Office for Advocacy and Gender Justice, Shannon Collins faces a difficult task: creating a sexually safe college culture. This piece won “Best Profile” in the Society of Professional Journalists’ 2016 student awards.

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